Industrial & Agricultural Water Treatment

We do a huge array of different industrial water treatment applications throughout Southern Africa such as


Condenser Cooling Tower

Disinfecting & Effluent


...and more

Industries we serve

Food & Beverage

Mining & Manufacturing

How We Do It

We specialize in the total water management of your water systems which includes
The installation of the latest automated treatment equipment or complete treatment plants¹. Month to month servicing depending on customer preference.
We make use of top-quality chemical products which are certified and approved safe for use with food products (Food Grade).
Regular site visits where we do a comprehensive water analysis to determine water quality and subsequent adjustments to the treatment program.
On-site maintenance to all the treatment equipment ensures more effective and sufficient results are achieved.
Service reports, quotations and general information pertaining to your plant and the receipt of orders can be processed immediately. Reports include a breakdown of water quality, presence of product residuals and can include corrosion rates and micro biological monitoring.
The account service technician comes equipped with a fully enclosed minivan with a workshop/office on board. Spare parts are kept in stock but if any additional spare parts are required it will be quoted separately and if a temporary alternative cannot be supplied until the next site visit, repairs will be done in urgency before the next site visit to ensure no permanent damage are done to your systems.
¹ Plants are often provided free of charge as part of the total water management contracts 

Service excellence guaranteed

In recent years a general decline in service delivery throughout South Africa has had a negative impact and has given us the opportunity to excel simply by applying our normal work ethics to our business. Our business success lies in a truly unique approach to its clients where service is our no.1 priority. In addition to our excellent service delivery we supply top quality formulated products specifically tailored to the customers’ needs.

our clients



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Our installations are professionally executed.

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