Domestic Water Treatment

Since the beginning of the water shortage in the Western Cape we have been involved in numerous private and community-based projects to alleviate pressure on our scarce water supply.

Bore-hole Water

Grey Water

Rain Water

Sea Water

We ensure that your extra internal water source is treated to conform to the quality it is needed for irrigation or even drinking purposes. We even treat sea water if needed.

How We Do It

We specialize in the total water management of your water systems which includes
An on-site survey is done where a comprehensive water analysis is performed, and parameters are established to determine current water conditions and possible end usages. The water treatment program chosen is always to ensure the best and most cost-effective results and extension of the life time of each water treatment plant.
The supply and installation of water treatment equipment or automated domestic treatment plants to ensure that the desired results are achieved in a care free environment with minimal input from the customer.
A comprehensive after sales service which will ensure the treatment program and equipment is maintained and operating most effectively.

Service excellence guaranteed

In recent years a general decline in service delivery throughout South Africa has had a negative impact and has given us the opportunity to excel simply by applying our normal work ethics to our business. Our business success lies in a truly unique approach to its clients where service is our no.1 priority. In addition to our excellent service delivery we supply top quality formulated products specifically tailored to the customers’ needs.

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Our installations are professionally executed.

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